Week 2 and 3 Saskatchewan Whitetail Success stories.

Week # 2 was tough hunting! With some very unseasonably warm temps, the daytime movement was a struggle. But like always, we just kept our foot on the gas and did what we had to do. After passing up on numerous smaller bucks, Brooks was rewarded with this great buck. Congratulations to Brooks on his great Saskatchewan whitetail. This is Brook’s first Saskatchewan whitetail success story, a beautiful buck. I think he is hooked! Looking forward to hunting with Brooks in the future.

Frank with “Frank The Tank”

“Frank The Tank”

Being able to guide and take people out to fulfil their life long dreams is just an absolute pleasure. Fast forward to week # 3, day # 4 and day # 5. Frank, at 80 years young, drew a great stand with some good warm weather activity. On day one, Frank had a great day. He had four bucks come in for a visit. He had 2 different bucks come within 10 yards of his blind, including the buck he is in the picture with. Keep in mind this is day # 4! I came in to pick Frank up at the end of the day, first thing I always ask is “How was your day”. Frank’s answer was, this was one of my best days of hunting ever. After we talked about the day, I decided to pull the trail cam card. Frank said “I think there might have been a shooter buck in here today”! At that point I gained even more respect for my new client/friend Frank. Rather than pulling the trigger on a deer that he was not sure of, he made the decision to pass him up. I said “you will be rewarded for being patient.” After looking at the trail cam pictures we decided that Frank would hunt that same blind on day # 5. After a slower morning, 11:00 am rolled around and in came “Frank The Tank”. This time Frank was certain this was the right buck. Frank made no mistake and made a great shot that made for a very short blood trail. Congratulations Frank, on your first Saskatchewan Whitetail success story, a tank of a whitetail deer.