Our deer hunting gear recommendations are so that you can comply with hunting regulations as well as be as comfortable as possible for some long sessions in the tree stand. Staying warm is a primary concern but also once the moment of truth comes, you need to certain you have the right weapon, the right ammunition, and the confidence in your gear to make the shot.

Remember “GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE THAT WAIT”. Through the use of our trail cameras, you should have good idea of the potential deer in the area of your tree stand.

Weather in Northern Saskatchewn in October and November can change drastically and quickly so please be prepared with clothing that you can add and subtract layers. Temperatures may range from 30F to -20F.

– Safety Belt for Tree Stand Hunting
– No scent shampoo & body wash. (H.S. Scents, Scent Shield, etc.)
– Warm clothes (underwear, wool socks, etc.), Layering is best.
– If you have trouble staying warm in the stands we highly recommend “The Heater Body Suit”. These are basically sleeping bags that have been modified for hunting and I can personally say that they make it easy and even comfortable to be out in 20 below weather all day.
– Adequate supply of hand warmers (minimum of 4 per day, we recommend the body size packs)
– Gloves & Boots (boot blankets & hand muffs are recommended for November hunts), also a light pair of wool gloves to wear inside of hand muff.


– Please DO NOT USE BALLISTIC TIP bullets, they were not designed for the type of hunting (thick brush) that we are doing. Nosler Partition, Barnes X, etc. are good choices.
– Archery hunters: Mechanical broadheads are not allowed in camp, no exceptions.
– Muzzleloader Hunters: Please notify me of the type of gun powder you will require & I will arrange to have some at camp, as it is illegal to transport it on the airlines.

– Archery or muzzle loader hunters: in October can wear full camo, no colors required.
– Tree stand umbrella, very important for end of October hunting. Can also be used for late season hunts to keep snow off when in the tree stand.
– Rifle hunters: The outer layer of your jacket has to be red, orange or white (white is best) you can also wear the safety vests that they use for construction work. The law for colors does not apply to pants, pants can be whatever color you want.
– Hat or touque must be orange.
– Outer suit should be fleece or wool (something quiet). Camouflage orange or camouflage white is illegal.
– Face mask and warm hat, we recommend “Mad Bomber” rabbit fur hat in blaze orange.
– Small flashlight
– Good pair of mitts or warm gloves & Ski-Goggles for driving 4-wheelers.
– Fanny pack or small day pack for miscellaneous items
– Shoes or slippers to wear in camp.
– All clothing that is to be worn while hunting should be washed in no scent laundry detergent, and stored in sealed plastic bags. (This also applies to new clothing) Prior to arrival at camp.

For any questions, please contact us:

Greg Lavoie
Tel: 1 (306) 285-7773