Whitetail Bucks in Velvet!

The 2023 season is fast approaching, and things are shaping up to be a great fall! We have been managing our area since 2019 and man is it rewarding to see the benefits of “Our Work”. This is just a small snap shot of our area. When I say “Our Work” I am referring to our clients/friends that have hunted with us since we purchased the area in 2019. They have all bought into our vision and dream of having a area where we will have the opportunity to hunt world class whitetail deer! The two deer that are pictured are living proof of what will happen when you “Let them go and watch them grow”!

Our deer head is strong and healthy. With some help from mother nature in 2022/2023 the deer are thriving. When Shelley and myself bought Chaparral in 2019 we had a vision to be different then the rest out there. We were up for the challenge and have proven that it could be done. In 2019 our average score on the deer harvested was 141 inches. Leap to 2022 and our average score was 151 inches! That is proof that the stringent management program is working.

We are running with our 140 inch minimum in 2023. Our goal is to get to a 150-160 inch minimum. Mark my works we will get there with the help of our clients that believe in us and our area. We are looking forward to our 2023 season. I really think this will be one of our best yet. With all the deer we left our there in 2022. If you have not seen our “2022 Survivors Dropbox” check it out by clicking on this link.