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 What others have to say about their hunts at Chaparral:



 From Charles:  Trent; just wanted to say a special thanks for a great week in camp with everybody, you are a great leader and have a great team that you lead by example.  That’s the way it should be.  You have a good thing going there and Great peoples. (Nov, 9, 2016)


From Darryl:  This is a great place to hunt to trophy whitetails! (Jan 23, 2017)

Harvested whitetail deer-Chaparral Hunting Adventure- Saskatchewan's premier outfitter


From Bill:   Hi Trent  Just want you to know the Covely Gang had a great time at your Chaparral Camp this year.  I personally can’t say enough about your operation.  Loved the buck that I shot., plus I shot a lot of pictures (Feb 6, 2017)