September 9 – Trail cameras discussed

Hello all from Turtle Lake, I hope everyone is well. It’s very hot here and that will help dry up some of our trails as baiting starts shortly. 
I just wanted to talk a little on the use of trail cameras. I get numerous requests for pre season pictures. I believe the trail camera is a tremendous tool for the outfitting business, it helps me make the best possible choice for correct location of stands. Like I have said before the blinds go up at baits where mature bucks are frequenting. At the end of each season I post many trail camera pictures of bucks we had on film but never shot. This is the way I want to share photos with everyone. I don’t like putting this falls trail camera pictures on Facebook or sharing them with hunters, I want to minimize any ill feelings towards bucks harvested. Bucks move around and frequent several baits and I can’t control where or if they should show themselves. Trust me when I say the deer are out there and last fall’s results speak for themselves. I can’t wait for the season to get rolling along, take care everyone.