September 5, 2016 – Summer shananigans at Chaparral’s lodge

The camp is coming together and the excitement building. I have been up clearing trails and starting baiting, soon the rest of my guides will start hitting the trails also.

I was asked by one hunter where have the trail camera pictures gone and trust me the cameras are at work but I feel it’s best to keep the pictures to myself and the guides. I do plan on posting trail camera pictures at the end of each season. Like other years the blinds go up after we see a buck of 140″ or greater at the bait, ground blinds allow us to act swiftly and with little disturbance to the bait. I will post pictures of lots of fawns and some yearling bucks as everyone knows this is a big factor in a healthy herd. One location has a doe with three fawns although twins are more the normal this year it’s a real positive sign.

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Jackie and I have opened the lodge to several groups our daughters are involved in and I have some good pictures of our 4H windup and the Midget Girls Hockey team builder.

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Your eyes of the North,

Trent DeBusschere