September 29, 2017 – Trent’s hero Archie

 Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and yesterday it was Archie. I have been putting on lots of miles getting the baiting started for this fall. I use both Argo and quad for getting around. It’s been a bit of an adventure and yesterday around 3:00 pm I managed to get stuck in some awful muskeg. Thank god Archie answered his phone and came to my rescue. I had been walking in water logged boots for quite awhile when Arch found me on the trail. Back to camp for some dry clothes and the Argo, then off to rescue the quad. It was well after dark when we got back to camp. This morning was a major clean up on the quad. Despite getting stuck, the last few days on the trail have been great. We have summer like temperature and the fall colors are awesome.
I will leave you with a few pics from yesterday’s goings on.
That’s all for now

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