September 10, 2014 – Spending time with Johnny

It’s cool here and that means deer season is getting close. I got to tag along with our newest guide for a day as he baited bear stands and we looked for good places to start baiting deer for this fall. Johnny Koop is an easy going fellow that has tremendous knowledge of our deer allocation, I am very pleased he is a part of Chaparral and he will make our camp more diversified and successful. It looks like the area should support 8-10 stands and time will tell as the cameras are out, this allocation has not been guided on for ten years and I can’t wait to start checking trail cameras!! I have mentioned before that hunting this far north portion of land will take about a forty minute truck ride and then quading into stands where some are upwards of 7 miles out from our drop off points. Kyle and myself have also found new stand locations so we should have the allocation well covered, stand rotation annually should help our maturing bucks continue to grow. It’s been a slow week on the trail camera pics as we moved a lot of cameras around and it will take time to get deer coming on in to baits. There were a few pics from last week that never got on the blog so I will attach them.

trail cam pics at Chaparral Hunting AdventuresChaparral hunting adventures. - Saskatchewan's premier outfitter destination.

Your eyes of the north,

Trent DeBusschere