November 20, 2016 – More Successful Hunters

Hello all again from Chaparral. Week three came to a close with all hunters tagged out. The action started very fast in the week and all but one hunter needed the last day to get his buck. Although we have no snow and its a warm 38 F. today our cool night temperatures are giving us some relief from all the mud and water on our trails. Hopefully colder temperatures arrive this week to freeze up all water and make travel to stands much easier. Good bucks are still being taken and deer are moving as the rut continues. Overall the season has been great so far for quality and quantity of bucks taken. It’s been nasty on the guides and equipment but we’re pushing onward. Once again I will leave you with more pics from successful hunters.

Successful hunter at Chaparral Hunting Adventures successful hunter at Chaparral Hunting Adventures

Your eyes of the North.
Trent Debusschere