May 3, 2017 – Successful deer mounts like “icing on the cake”

I received more pictures of completed mounts that are now in the hands of their owners. I really appreciate Bill sending me these photos. It’s cool to see the finished product in the hands of the hunters. I am directly involved with all aspects of the hunt but seeing the finished mounts 6 months later is like the “icing on the cake “. Thanks again Bill for taking time to share your photos from 2016.

may3blog1 may3blog2 may3blog3 may3blog4 may3blog5

The lodge is still quiet as I have been coaching spring hockey for our U -18 girls. We had a successful weekend winning 2 games and hopefully I can get up to the lodge soon and see if there are any bears on the trail cameras.

That’s all for now, I will leave a few more pics of the goings on up here, thanks Trent DeBusschere