May 28, 2018 – Normal winter is behind

may 28It’s been a while since I sat down to write up a blog. It’s very hot here today, 88 F!! Work is slowly rebounding after what’s been a brutal 3 year period for this area. I did make it up last weekend to the lodge as it was our Victoria Day long weekend. The lake was calm and cold but a few diehards ventured out to cool down. The ice had only been off for a week but our temperatures have been hot for may!! I remember being in Las Vegas and chatting with a local about how our lakes freeze over with three feet of ice in the winter and this same body of water supports a lot of summer fun. He looked at me like I was crazy and he’s partly right, as it certainly helps when your out in the water just shortly after the ice has melted away.
I did spend some time quading around the bush and noticed several outfitters bear hunting. Chaparral does have bear tags but as yet I have not used them.
I was looking today and it’s roughly 5 months until deer season gets going again and the way our summers fly by it will be November before you know it.
Most outfitters and hunters I speak with consider last winter as a “normal winter” for Saskatchewan. We really didn’t get cold weather until December 24 and average snow accumulation didn’t come until later in the winter months. So by all accounts we should be looking at a great fall hunting season. I have a few repair jobs to work at in the evenings on my quad trailers but other than that things are in good shape for the upcoming season.
I still have room for a few more hunters towards the end of November but otherwise the weeks have filled up nicely.

Take care everyone, thanks Trent DeBusschere.