May 20, 2015 – Bear hunt Video

Young guns bear hunting Chaparral is currently focused on excellent Whitetail deer hunts exclusively but with quality Black bear and some awesome fishing in our back yard it will only be a few more years and these opportunities will be available.

Last weekend I joined Kyle and Chance ( Kyle’s buddy ) for an evening bear hunt.  We were going to hunt the the stand on Chaparral’s land just a couple miles from camp.  There were two bears caught on camera that were shooters.  Kyle took his bow and Chance had the rifle, depending on the shot provided we had everything covered.  Around 4:30 we got into our stands and sat quietly hoping for a good bear to wander in.  All was quiet until 8 ish when a good bear cautiously moved through the bush towards the bait but stopped about 60 yards out, Chance got the nod from Kyle and his 300 magnum put the bear down.  To watch the video click here: bear hunting video

It was an exciting evening topped off with a real good bear, thanks to the “young guns” for having me along.
Roughly five more months until our first deer hunters arrive and everything is shaping up for an exciting deer season!!


Your eyes of the North.
Trent DeBusschere