May 18, 2017 – Bear baits

Richard Laughlin and his hunting buddies from Texas were up at John’s bear camp last week and doing very well. I had a few things to do around camp so I ran up and had a visit with Richard. Another successful bear hunt and he will be joining us this fall for a whitetail hunt. We are looking forward to having Richard and the gang back up this November.
I also have a couple bear baits out and pulled the camera from one bait last week. Looks like lots of bear activity, now I just need to find a few days and try my luck at getting a good one.  My schedule is a somewhat full so it’s not looking to promising that I will even get out. One of the bears showing up looks much lighter in color but I only have a few night time photos of this guy. Looks like a cool color phase but needs to get older and bigger.
That’s all for now, I will add a few pics.

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Trent DeBusschere.