May 14, 2014 – Wise men say

  Last week I put my trail cam pictures on the Blog and it seemed to generate a lot of interest. So I thought why not get some more trail cam pictures from the fall of 2013. This weeks pictures of nice bucks from Kyle’s stand and his stand is located in the southwest corner of our deer hunting allocation area. Kyle is looking for a giant buck and never pulled the trigger on any of these up and comers, so these bucks will be back and bigger for the fall of 2014!! A wise man told me once “that when you stop shooting small deer, you will begin to shoot big deer”. Okay that was from Barry Milne our senior guide, but it holds logic. I can’t wait to start showing current pictures of 2014 deer, but for now enjoy Kyle’s pictures. Chaparral’s area has proven itself year after year as a great place for giant bucks and hopefully seeing is believing.

May14-33 May14-11 May14-22 May14-6 May14-4 May14-1 May14- photo 11


Your eyes of the north,

Trent Debusschere