May 11, 2016 – Report on Fires at Ft McMurray

I have been getting a few comments regarding the large fire in Alberta that is moving towards the Saskatchewan border that started in the Fort McMurray area. This fire is roughly 300 miles away from our hunting area and although it’s scary it doesn’t pose a threat to us, hopefully we can get some rain to help out all the fire fighters. With our mild winter and unseasonably warm temperatures the forest region is dry and caution is required by all people who use the forest for work or recreation. Rain is needed !! Last spring and early summer we also had dry conditions but when the rains came everything bounced back and all was good again.

I have had some past deer hunters stop by the lodge to say hi lately as they are up bear hunting with John, good luck guys and thanks for stopping by. One of the hunters was Neal Smith and he sent me a picture of his trophy. Kyle also arrowed a bear, I will add a few pics of the successful hunters.

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