May 1, 2014 Predator control

  Today I would like to thank the people in the Turtle Lake area that help control our predators.  The health of the deer population has many factors and the harvesting of wolves, coyotes and even bears certainly helps.  A  retired Conservation Officer I hunt geese with every fall told me that most deer can survive what Mother Nature throws at them, but predators can really increase mortality rates.  Last Saturday my nephew Branden and I went over to our local trapper, he had a good season trapping around 100 coyotes and 5 wolves.  He also guides bear hunters in our deer hunting area and bear also account for some fawn deaths.  To show my appreciation I bought a couple wolf hides off him and plan on hanging them in the bunkhouse to add to the northern decor.  There is a picture of the wolves on the front of my quad, thanks again Mr. Trapper.Now Branden is new to bear hunting but every year at his deer hunting baits he gets several pictures of black bears eating the oats.  This year Branden has set up a bear bait to try and get the bear shown in the picture from last fall.  I went with him into one of his bait sights to freshen things up and grab the trail camera SD card.  Upon looking at the card we did not see any bears, but around 6 deer were cleaning up oats that had spilt when filling up the barrel. If you look closely at the picture with the deer’s head right in front of the camera you can see its a buck with new antlers starting to grow.  I also added another picture of some deer hanging around the bait.  Hopefully Branden gets his bear as every bit helps in reducing predators numbers!!  Good bye for now.

May301 May302 photo May303

Your eyes of the north.

Trent Debusschere