March 8, 2017 – Chaparral’s options

Saskatchewan whitetail deer at Chaparral Hunting Adventures

Snuck up on this one

The last few seasons we have offered hunts that consist of several options. Some hunters like the challenge of the Bow or Muzzleloader instead of Rifle. Chaparral has had success in offering these hunts and also combination packages that allow hunters to first off try with a Bow or Muzzel-loader and if unsuccessful take out a Rifle for the last few days of the hunt. We will continue to look at customizing your hunt and offering more variety. I have numerous quality Rifles and Muzzle-loaders so we can take the headache out of bringing extra weapons with you. The pop up blind is used in all instances as they help protect the hunter from our cold November weather and allow some movement without being detected.

Last week reports from John and Kyle still had most bucks carrying their horns, a true sign of good winter conditions.
I live around 65 miles from the lodge and was out for a walk the other day and was able to get within 40 yards of a young Mule Deer buck, I took a few pictures and then was busted. That’s all for now, take care Trent