March 25, 2015- Fines on deer under 140″?

Recently I had a good discussion with another Outfitter on his deer management strategy.  He felt penalizing hunters for shooting bucks under the 140″class was a necessary measure.  Also a wound policy and penalty were other measures.  I have listened to hunters that tell me they don’t care for coming up to hunt at such Camps.  At Chaparral we too want the harvested deer to be a mature buck but are not going to fine hunters for taking a buck that has some ground shrinkage.  The wounding of deer is unfortunately a part of hunting and I have yet to meet anyone who was not very upset with this matter.  Chaparral has listened to hunters over the years and will not impose fines on deer that don’t make the 140″ mark, I feel that if any hunter does not see a buck of this caliber or greater and passes on shooting a buck during their week I shall reward him/her with a discount towards their next time hunting with us. To keep wounded deer to a minimum all hunters are required to head out to the range upon arrival and shoot some rounds to make sure all is good.  Occasionally an animal is not recovered and if this repeats itself that hunter will not be invited back, but I feel fining the majority of sportsman is like dumping salt on an open wound.
Finally I would like to show some of Kyle’s shed finds this past winter, I am sure he wears out boots with all the miles he walks.  The bulk of the sheds come from Chaparral’s area and some just south of us, thanks for the pictures Kyle.

shed hunting at Turtle Lake, Saskatchewan shed hunting at Turtle Lake, Saskatchewan more sheds at Turtle Lake Saskatchewan

shed hunting at Turtle Lake Saskatchewan shed hunting at Turtle Lake Saskatchewan






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