March 24, 2016 – Spring is on it’s way

Hopefully everyone is having a great Easter weekend with family and friends. Arch and friends have a fun ice fishing derby this Saturday and I plan on attending.

The last couple of weeks have seen considerable snow and put spring on hold for awhile. However, the moisture is good for the bush and with warm weather on its way the snow won’t be around for long. The deer are in great shape and this late snowfall is more of an annoyance to us humans.

This spring I plan on setting up some bear baits and monitoring the quality of bears in our allocation. Bears are always a nuisance when we start our fall baiting for deer and their numbers appear plentiful, so with the help of Kyle I hope to get some good trail camera pics and then offer bear hunts for the spring of 2017. Along with bear hunts Chaparral will include some spring fishing also.

I bought a new quad trailer and grabbed the ski-doo this past Tuesday and spent the day touring the bush and like always my focus is on new stand locations. As I pulled up to the gates at the lodge I discovered a visitor laying in what’s left of our hay stack. A moose stood up and I was able to get a few pictures as he walked through the yard.

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Your eyes of the North.
Trent Debusschere