March 15, 2018 – The rut

Spring has arrived and the warmer temperatures are here.
Every season the rut occurs and I get plenty of questions from hunters regarding this. In our area the rut is often drawn out over a lengthy period of November. Some days are more active then others and nailing down the peak of the rut is always a grey area. The buck I have mounted in the bunkhouse was taken on November 20, 2010 and I will never forget hunting that week. A snow storm passed through and the following couple days were filled with bucks chasing does. It was definitely the peak but I have hunted a long time with out seeing such a defined period of the rut.
I will share with you 2 videos that were simply taken off my I phone while I was out baiting last fall.

In both instances the quad was parked close by and I was awkwardly hiding close to the bait pile. Rich was helping bait with me the day I got video with only the buck visible but him and I watched as that buck was hot on the heals of a doe. The first video occurred November 9 and the second clip was from the 21st. Both bucks need to get older before coming “shooters” but it’s amazing how the bucks drop their guard during the rut.
I only have a couple spots for 2018 left and 2019 is also getting a lot of attention. If your wanting a great hunting adventure please give me a shout.
That’s all for now thanks, Trent DeBusschere.