We focus on the complete experience while you spend time with us. Our lodging is second to none and is comprised of a modern lodge consisting of 2-person bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and dining area and a large social room complete with flat screen TV equipped with satellite reception. We have internet connection and cell phone reception at the lodge for those desiring to “stay in touch”.

Our excellent staff prepares meals that are served family style with a hearty breakfast, packed lunches for the day on stand and a large dinner when hunters return from the field. You will not go hungry in our camp. We find the dinner table to be a lively gathering spot as hunters share the day’s events with each other and build anticipation for the next day on stand.

We do allow alcohol consumption at the end of the hunting day in moderation. While we provide all meals, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages it is the hunter’s responsibility to bring alcohol if desired.

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TrentTrent DeBusschere

My name is Trent DeBusschere, I am the owner/manager of Chaparral Hunting Adventures.  I was born in 1967 on a farm in central Saskatchewan. I grew up enjoying the outdoors, hunting gophers and fishing. As I got older, deer, moose and waterfowl were among my favorite animals to hunt. Deer hunting is now my biggest passion and I have hunted whitetails from our cabin at Turtle Lake since 2001. During the off season I spend time quading, scouting and checking for deer in  Chaparral’s hunting area. I enjoy every aspect of hunting whether it be scouting, baiting, or the excitement of a successful hunt.I have been married for 25 years and have 3 daughters. Together our family enjoys spending time at the lake, 4H (light horse) and hockey. I am a semi-retired self employed welder, but my main focus is trying to make Chaparral the best hunting camp in Saskatchewan.  I look forward to making your hunt a memorable and successful adventure.





Barry Milne

I have lived my entire life in the north woods having been born in the province of Alberta, Canada June of 1943 and moving to the province of Saskatchewan with my parents in 1944. I have lived in Saskatchewan ever since. I have been a hunter and fisherman throughout most of my life.

I spend a great deal of time in the outdoors, hunting and fishing. My professional guiding started in 1996 and I have not missed a year of guiding since. My guiding experience includes: whitetail deer each fall and black bear each spring & fall. I have also guided moose hunters in Northern Alberta and fishermen at Lake Athabasca in Northern Saskatchewan.

I guide American hunters because I enjoy doing it. I believe that success is not only measured by inches of horn but the entire experience.



Arden Macleod

My name is Arden Macleod.  I was born in Estevan, Saskatchewan in 1944.  I have loved the outdoors all my life – hunting, fishing, camping,and canoeing. I worked in a fish outfitting camp for 10 years where I guided fisherman  and guided bow hunters for bear at Engler Lake in northern Saskatchewan. I have 8 grandchildren who I have encouraged to love the outdoors.  In 2012 I joined Chaparral Outfitting to guide for whitetail and enjoyed the experience immensely.