June 5, 2014 – What to expect at Chaparral

We are into June now the walleye fishing is heating up, bucks antlers are growing and fawns should start appearing. This week I would like to touch on some of the everyday goings on at Chaparral during your hunting adventure.  First off, long before the hunters show up the guides have been busy scouting the area, setting up blinds and baiting throughout Chaparral’s allocation.  Upon your arrival to camp everything is ready and waiting, there will be lots of good food, comfortable rooms and great comradery. After breakfast you will be transported via truck and then quad into your stand, we hunt over bait sites consisting of hay and oats, you will spend a lot of time sitting watching and waiting for the big guy to show up!!  Most shooting distances are between 50- 100 yds.  Blinds are mostly elevated about six feet, however in some circumstances ground blinds will be utilized.  Deer start showing up as soon as the guide puts you in your stand and before leaving the guide freshens up the bait pile and that will typically bring does and fawns a running as breakfast is served.  Hunter and guide remain in contact with the use of cell phones.  This is just a quick rundown of a typical day in deer camp, I posted a short video of does and fawns following me into the bait site and you can see in the back ground the elevated blind.

Video of Feeding DeerJune4video

  Also I threw in some pictures of bait sites being topped up and the deer are just in front of my quad nervously trying to get some food.  When everything comes together and a buck is taken the quad does the work of getting deer and hunter back to the truck.

Whitetail deer trail cam pics from Chaparral Hunting Adventures Whitetail deer trail cam pics from Chaparral Hunting Adventures outfitter at Chaparral hunting Adventures Deer hunter at Chaparral Hunting Adventures





Your eyes of the north,

Trent Debusschere