June 3, 2015 – Whitetail does dropping fawns

blog june 3It’s the time of year when the Whitetail does are dropping fawns and I thought it might be interesting to point out a few facts about fawns.  First off the average weight at birth is 6-8 lbs, for the first few weeks they will lay hidden while the doe remains within 100 yards of the fawn. Fawns will start eating vegetation at the two to three week stage and by the third week can outrun most predators. Most does bred at 1.5 years old or older will have two fawns and sometimes triplets.  A fawn born in the spring may also be bred that fall but will typically just have one fawn the following spring.  Fawns are born odorless and covered in spots, this of course helps them hide from predators and by four months the spots are gone. It’s said that survival of the first week for a fawn gives it great potential to live to become an adult deer with most fawns calling the area in which they were born home.

Your eyes of the North.
Trent Debusschere