June 28, 2017 – 188″ buck taken in 2006

Over the years Chaparral has produced a lot of great bucks. I want to talk about Lloyd Eichelberger’s tremendous 188″ buck taken in 2006. To my knowledge there were no trail camera pictures of this bruiser and both Lloyd and this buck had a broken foot!! 
The wall of fame in the bunkhouse has many large bucks and all have a story. Maybe not similar to Lloyd and his buck but a story none the less. 

With the mild winter and abundance of rain, horn growth will be at a premium. Our deer herd has grown older putting the harsh winter of 2012 behind us. I have no “Crystal Ball” but everything is pointing towards a very successful 2017 hunting season. Chaparral still has a few openings left for 2017 and with our weak dollar keeping hunt prices down, this just may be the year you can come hunt with us and write your own hunting story.
That’s all for now, thanks Trent Debusschere.

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