June 25, 2018 – Thank God for You Tube

June 25-1 June 25-2Summer is here and we are getting up to the lodge now and then to do maintenance and enjoy the lake. Also our last child graduates from High School this Thursday and preparing for this has kept us busier then usual.
One of our older camp quads has gave me a ton of grief over the years. Well this year I was either getting it right or junking it!! With the ATV’s shop rate of $130/hr I headed to You Tube to trouble shoot. The quad runs so hot that it interferes with the fuel and electrical components. I broke down the cooling system and could find no flaws, it was the heat off the exhaust system that was causing the quad grief. I read on you tube to wrap everything but the muffler with exhaust tape. So for $60 I wrapped up the exhaust pipe and the quad now runs better than it has for the past 6 years. It runs cool enough now that it’s comfortable to ride in the summer!! I took Jackie and Mia for a ride and thought if it was going to breakdown now would be the time. Luckily the quad ran well, and once again we will give it a try this fall.
As for the lodge it was simply a case of some TLC.

Camp numbers are good for this year and hunting should be great. Have a great July everyone and in closing I will leave you with a few pictures.
Thanks, Trent DeBusschere.