June 18, 2017 – Morning of firsts

 Happy Father’s Day. Last year the spring was hot and dry and the threat of forest fires was very real. This year it’s been cool and darn wet, the lake is up over a foot from last fall. Saskatchewan sure has extremes in our weather conditions.
There were a couple of firsts for me this weekend. Starting off on Saturday morning a Mule Deer was down by the garage at the lodge, too bad my phone was charging and I couldn’t get any pictures but maybe another time. The other oddity was a Bull Elk at one of the “natural” salt licks. Not sure if these animals will hang around or move on but certainly I have never seen these guys around before.
I was able to get a few bucks on camera and horns are growing!! Conditions are very wet out in the bush and getting trail cam pics is not easy. I am very confident with our mild winter and the number of good deer left from last season that this fall will be another very successful season.

juneblog3 juneblog2 Juneblog1

On our way back to Lloydminster tonight two yearling moose were just off the Hwy and I got a few pics. I will leave you with some pictures from what’s going on at Chaparral.  Thanks Trent Debusschere