June 10 – Chaparral’s lodge

I try to call all of my hunters several times prior to the fall hunt, I get a feeling for their concerns and expectations.  I want everyone to be assured that they are in for a great hunting trip.  Like any holiday the more a person knows about the destination the better.  So I decided to throw on a few pictures of the lodge and kitchen area ( this is where all of us eat our meals ), the bunkhouse and garage.  The bunkhouse is fully modern with Wifi and satellite TV, bedrooms, and bathrooms.  The garage houses all the quads and is where the deer are processed but most importantly it’s a great place to sit around the wood stove and relive the stories of the day!!  Hopefully any first time visitors to Chaparral will get a better feel for the camp from these pictures.

Chaparral's hunting lodge Chaparrals Hunting Lodge Chaparral's bunk house Chaparral's bunk house Chaparral's bedrooms Chaparral Hunting lodge Chaparral's wall of fame Chaparral's Hunting Lodge

Today was also unique as I got very close to a fawn and snapped a few pics with my phone, typically we see some fawns but this was a real close encounter.

whitetail deer -fawn

Your eyes of the North

Trent DeBusschere