July 30, 2014 – Ideas on staying warm

In recent talks with our great group of guides a few topics were brought up that will make your hunting experience at Chaparral even better. We have cell phone coverage in our hunting area and that is mainly how guides and hunters communicate. It would be recommended for all hunters to be competent at texting. It is a quiet and reliable source of communicating with your guide, phoning is always an option but familiarize yourself with some basic texting. Another area that could use some attention is proper clothing for that all day sit in the blind. As a rule, I see most hunters bring a lot of well thought out gear and are ready for what ever temperatures they encounter, but boot blankets with “hot shots” are very effective at keeping the toes warm and of course hand held “hot shots” placed inside gloves work wonders. If wanted Chaparral will supply a heater that works great in combination with a heavy blanket. This has been my favorite way to stay warm, the heaters are quiet and I place them just in front of my chair and then drape the blanket over my knees and up under my chin, this way the heat flows up through you and exits around your head. These are just a couple tips that can be very helpful. Another week has gone by and that means Kyle and I were out checking cameras and bringing more pictures back for the blog, the bucks are bunching up now in their bachelor groups and it is evident in a couple pictures. Saskatchewan's premier outfitter destinationCome bag your next great buck with ChaparralWhitetail deer hunting at its best. Three bucks in one photoSaskatchewan outfitter trailcam picsThree bucks hanging together