July 23, 2014 – Bushels of oat and bails of alfalfa

I hope everyone is enjoying summer. Seems hard to believe but in just over three months our first hunters will be arriving at camp for an exciting deer hunt. This is a busy time at Chaparral but things start long before then!! The preparation starts in July and is in full swing by October 1st. Already the oat bin is full and alfalfa hay bales are on order, equipment is being serviced and numerous other aspects are taken care of. We have been actively searching for new deer stand areas and of course trail cams are snapping pictures of velvet bucks. With August just around the corner we will enter the next stage of outfitting as it becomes legal to start putting out bait for the deer. This year I plan on having a couple day blitz and get oats and attractants to all our potential sites. Then with the aid of trail cams target bucks will be identified. When the first of October hits, blinds are placed and the feeding intensifies. What works well at Chaps is oats and second cut alfalfa hay, deer love this combination ( also it’s a proven safe method to wein the deer off of come December). Each site gets oats thrown on the ground and then hay scattered on top, the deer then have to work at it to find all oats and this helps keep the deer around the bait pile. The feeding gradually gets more frequent and by the arrival of the hunters, deer sites are baited every second day. Approximately 700 hay bales and 1000 bushels of oats are used annually. As usual I will leave some more velvet buck pictures that Kyle and myself are getting from our weekly ventures in the bush.

Saskatchewan's premier outfitting destinationVelvet in the makingMore trailcam photosBig buck seen at Chaparral OutfittersTrail cam photo seen at ChaparralMore velvet

We still have some hunts available for the third and fourth weeks of November, so if your interested in a fantastic whitetail deer hunt give me a shout at 1-780-872-0137.  Saskatchewan’s premier outfitter destination.

Your eyes of the north,

Trent Debusschere