July 21, 2016 – Early horn growth

Soon August 1 will be here and that’s the day I can start putting bait out, hard to believe how time goes so quickly. I have been busy getting quads ready and the camp always requires some TLC. I have many cameras out along well traveled trails and am getting some good pictures. It’s good to see many doe had twins this spring. Another bonus of a mild winter. Starting to get exited for the upcoming season, things are looking great.
Just like most seasons we have a few hunters that get circumstances that pop up and they have to put their hunting trip off to another year and this creates a few openings. At the moment Chaparral has a few holes to fill in our fall deer season, so if anyone is interested give me a shout.
I will leave you with a few trail cam photos.

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Your eyes of the North.
Trent Debusschere