July 15, 2015 – Trip to Jasper

 This past week found our family in Jasper visiting my daughter who is a summer student there and it really is a beautiful place, we did some hiking, visiting hot springs and of course shopping ( ugh!! ).  We actually had a close encounter with a grizzly on a trail roughly three miles into our six mile hike, luckily the bear paid little attention to us, but it sure makes a guy think about how effective the bear spray would really be?  I will leave you with some pictures of our trip and some velvet bucks, the grizzly bear pic is from the safety of our car and of a different bear from the one we seen hiking

Outfitter in Jasper Outfitter in Jasper

It’s been a fairly hot and dry summer throughout most of Saskatchewan this year and forest fires have been a real problem.  Luckily Turtle Lake has been getting some timely rains and the forest fires are still around 260 miles north of us.   Kyle and I went out scouting a few days back and set up some trail cameras at a couple of spots that showed lots of promise.  It’s amazing how the Argo goes everywhere, it truly is the tank that floats.  I grabbed a few more velvet buck pictures to throw on the blog.


image trail cam pics of Northern whitetail deer trali cam pic of Northern Saskatchewan whitetail deer

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Trent DeBusschere