July 15, 2014 – Trail cam pics are like a box of chocolates

I would like to change Forest Gump’s quote ( just a one time deal for this blog) and say that “trail cam pics are like a box of chocolates”.  There is some truth in this because you never know what your going to find on the trail cameras memory cards.  This is an exciting time for myself and guides as finding good bucks is rewarding, sometimes it gets a little hard on the nerves as trail cameras can be very fussy and have a tendency to shut down when least expected.  We have moose give us grief, bears chewing on cameras and unfortunately some are stolen.  Nothing is a guarantee either, one deer showed huge potential and I haven’t been able to get any recent pics in weeks of this guy, but the deer are wild so hopefully he returns to show us how the antlers are progressing.  Like most blogs I will attach several pictures of bucks in velvet that are sent to me from Kyle, thanks a bunch.

Another deer seen at Chaparral Outfitters Another buck seen at Chaparral Saskatchewans premier outfitter destination

Chelsea and I made it out fishing on Sunday and I taught her well, as I got skunked and she caught several fish both Walleye and Northern Pike, we only kept two fish for supper, and they were delicious.

Fishing at Chaparral's Outfitting at Turtle Lake Saskatchewan

We still have room for a few more hunters towards the end of November, so give me a shout at 1-780-872-0137.

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Trent DeBusschere