January 6, 2016 – Feedback on bringing rifles to Canada

Happy New Year everybody from Chaparral Hunting Adventures!! 2016 shows a lot of promise as our winter has not been a factor for our deer.  In fact most people I talk with in our community are thrilled that winter hasn’t really shown itself yet.  The hunters also have seen a deer herd that has regained its Saskatchewan quality of bucks. This is evident in our strong bookings for 2016 and 2017, I am also keeping the hunt price unchanged from the past couple years and trying my best to pass on the benefits of a weaker Canadian dollar to our southern neighbours.

What’s ahead for Chaparral in 2016? As always one of our keys is continually pushing our hunting boundaries further out to cover the most area possible. Like other years predator control is huge , that’s where John and our other local trappers excel. John tells me he alone caught 6 wolves and 50 coyotes over the last few weeks.

One area of outfitting that concerns me is the bad stories I hear about bringing rifles and luggage up to camp. I know it can make for a real negative experience and that’s not good. I will be talking with clients on the possibility of our camp purchasing some good quality rifles that can be used instead of bringing your own. I know this is not for everyone but some hunters may find it takes the stress out of seeing their own rifles being tossed around by the airport employees. Maybe Chaparral could offer storage to repeat hunters that want to leave some of their heavy winter gear behind? These are just a few areas that I would like some feed back on and maybe there is an easier way to get hunters up to camp. I will leave you with a recent trail camera pic from Kyle and a truck load of John’s recent catches.

jan6-1 jan6-2 jan6-3


Your eyes of the North,

Trent DeBusschere