January 21, 2015 -Tired Trail Blazers

  Just like last week this weeks weather is very mild with most days above or near freezing.  The long range forecast is continuing mild which is great news for our deer.  On the agenda for Chaparral this winter was to carry on with expanding our hunting borders.  This weekend had us back out in the woods and tackling a long stretch of cutline that was full of deadfall and annoying willows.  Deer sign was promising and this will be a great area for more stands, I can’t wait to get my trail cameras going again this summer.  I have to thank Dennis (brother) and Branden (nephew) for helping out on this task.  It was tough going and I am sure they would have taken off on me except they were probably afraid of getting lost on the way out!!  This area of thick spruce and no hunting pressure should be a bucks paradise. It’s nice to see the deer are scattered throughout the forest this winter and not just yarded up in the thick spruce and tamarack, it’s a good sign that winter is going well for our herd. In closing for the week I leave you with a few pics of some sheds found and tired trail blazers. If your looking for a great Whitetail hunt this fall please give me a shout at 780-872-0137 and if your at the Sportsman Show in Harrisburg drop by Chaparrals booth. Checking trails at Chaparral Hunting AdventuresChaparral Hunting Adventures

Your eyes of the north,

Trent DeBusschere