January 15, 2018 How’s the weather?

 Today is mid January and the winter is moving along well for the deer herd. I have been speaking with several hunters lately and the question I hear most is “how is the winter going”. I like to use the Winter Severity Index ( WSI ) to gauge our winter. This is how biologists in many provinces and states can asses winter mortality rates in the deer herd. At the moment we are sitting with a score of 13. A Mild winter is considered to be any number between 0-50. With the days getting longer and mild weather in store for the next week, things are looking positive. We just recently received another couple inches of snow to go along with the snow we got in November. So for now snow doesn’t play into a negative factor. The days the temperature did not rise above – 20 celcius accounts for our score to date. I had to make a quick visit at the lake today and seen several deer moving just inside the bush line and although it’s not great footage it was a positive. Several of the deer were still carrying their horns. This also tells me winter has been going well as more stress on deer will result in horns dropping off as early as Christmas. I have a short video I will add at the end.https://www.facebook.com/chaparralhuntingadventures/videos/1799624486749098/?t=3
Lastly I just want to congratulate our youngest daughter Chelsea, she was fortunate to get asked to play hockey for the University of Saskatchewan, while taking classes in the Veterinarian field. She will begin this journey next fall.
That’s all for now, thanks Trent DeBusschere.