January 14, 2015 – Update from the North

First off today is clear and sunny with a temperature of 39 degrees Fahrenheit and the long term forecast is mild!!! So far our winter has been easy on the deer herd and this is great news. We have had just a couple of cold spells this winter and our snow fall has been less than past years so this will go a long way in helping out the herd. Another factor in the deers favor is that John has taken 12 wolves out of the food chain and many more coyotes, this will pay huge dividends to our deer herd. What’s next for Chaparral ? It’s getting ready for the big Sportsman Show in Harrisburg, Rich Eichelberger and Doug Rohrbough are going to be looking after the booth and I can’t thank them enough.  These guys put a lot of time into making Chaparral a reality, and I would never have bought the camp without their support. Myself, John and Kyle are going to work this weekend on the eastern portion of our allocation, there is miles of thick spruce that have never been hunted by our camp, it’s somewhat remote but we feel the area holds promise.  I can’t wait to go and carve out more blind locations for years to come, deer winter in these heavy spruce pockets so it’s a good time for scouting, maybe we’ll find some sheds. As I mentioned last week antlers are dropping and Kyle was up scooping sheds from the bait piles the deer still frequent.  He sent me some pics that I will post.  Our bookings are going strong but we still have availability so if your interested in coming up for a hunt of a lifetime give me a shout at 780-872-0137.

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Your eyes of the north,

Trent Debusschere