January 1, 2017 – Video footage – What can you expect to see at Chaparral?

Happy New Year to all from Chaparral Hunting Adventures. May 2017 be a great year!! I spent a few more days at the Lodge checking some cameras and putting out more oats for the deer. Most of the baits have plenty of alfalfa on the ground and that’s a good thing, with very little snow on the ground the deer are off eating what the forest has to offer. It’s a positive sign for the upcoming season as healthy deer grow better antlers.

The start of 2017 also brings with it many inquiries about hunting with us. Typically hunters are looking to book their spots for the 2017 and 2018 seasons. Pictures, videos and hunters testimonials help the potential new hunter to feel comfortable with our camp. One question that’s asked a lot is what can I expect to see while sitting in my blind? Over the season I snapped a few videos just off my cell phone after dropping off bait and I apologize for the lack of professional quality. It’s my busy time of year but periodically I grab some videos by taking a few minutes to walk up and sit approximately 30 yards from the feed. Typically it’s just young bucks and does that venture out while I am that close. Hopefully a few of these videos will help new hunters get a better grasp of how things should look on most days.

Your eyes of the North

Trent DeBusschere