February 4, 2016 – Show in Harrisburg PA

Great outdoor show at Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Booth at Harrisburg show

Most hunters know that Saskatchewan is having a great winter and this is most apparent when you look at our Winter Severity Index thus far. Biologists can look at our recorded temperatures and snowfall to calculate the severity of the winter, which in turn relates to winter kill and generally tough conditions for the herd. For every day the temperature stays below 0*F it’s considered a negative, snowfall is another factor and once it reaches 24 inches on the ground it’s considered to be a daily negative also. A mild winter has a score of 0-50, moderate winter’s score is 50 – 80, severe winter score is 80-100 and anything over 100 is considered very severe. So far this winter has had 7 days where our temperature has not come above 0*F, and snow started to fall in January and we are around the 10-12 inch mark throughout our area. So today our WSI score is 7 and with temperatures during the day hovering around freezing for the next week or so our winter has been grand.

Chaparral has a booth at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg and I can’t thank Doug and Rich enough for all the time and effort they put into this project. Please stop by booth 5732 and check out what Chaparral has to offer for the upcoming Whitetail season!! The winter has been great and our weak dollar is keeping hunt prices down, definitely this is the year to come hunt with us at Chaparral

 Your eyes of the North,

Trent DeBusschere