February 27, 2018 – The most memorable buck

Spring like weather has arrived and the days are considerably longer now. I have been busy in Lloydminster this last while but hope to get to the lodge this weekend. Maybe do some ice fishing and a little shed hunting.
This will be my sixth season with Chaparral and I look forward to November every year. All of us hunters will get asked at some point the question of which buck was the most memorable deer that you have harvested? As an outfitter I have been asked what buck stands out to me as tops on the list. This buck was shot this fall by Jim and I remember asking Jim to make a clean kill on this buck if it appeared. We had pictures of this guy for the last four years and I had a close encounter with him after the season of 2016. His horns were unique and he had many battle scars. He was the kind of buck that you want passing on his genes. Unfortunately late in the season he appeared at a bait with a considerable limp in his front end. Mother Nature takes care of the wounded and sick and rarely is it lying down then falling asleep. Starvation, freezing to death or being eaten alive are probably the most common ends in the wild. I know to many it doesn’t sound like I had this bucks best interest at heart when I asked Jim to make a clean swift kill shot, but I did. John does the ageing in camp by how their teeth are worn down and he felt this buck was probably nine years old. It wasn’t the biggest buck ever shot but it was a heavy 8 point, with exceptional brow tines and main beams. Congratulations Jim on a great buck!!

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I still have a few spots for the 2018 season, so give me a shout and let’s get you on a great Saskatchewan Whitetail hunt. Thanks, Trent DeBusschere.