February 26, 2016 – Winter scouting continues

It’s been awhile since I updated the blog. We finished up the show in Harrisburg and this year had a good number of hunters signing up for 2016 and 2017, I am looking forward to meeting old friends and some new faces this fall.

I have spent some time doing maintenance on the quads and had to run the Argo into Saskatoon for some warranty work on the transmission. With the oil patch being very slow this past 8 months I have had more time to catch up on camp chores. I also built gun racks for each of the eight bedrooms so the rifles have a safe place for storage.

My thoughts are always on making the hunting better in our allocation and with 120,000 acres there is a lot of area to cover. My brother Kevin and I put on around 160 miles last week, doing just that. Winter is a great time to look for new deer stand locations and with everything froze up the Ski-doo can cover a lot of area in a hurry. The deer didn’t clean up all the feed this winter at the handful of baits we stopped at, this is good as it goes to show the mild winter left them not so dependent on the remaining alfalfa. Most winters have the hay piles all cleaned up and I usually find some sheds but not this winter.

Lastly Kyle sent me a great picture of his dog and a good shed that was found a few miles south of the Lodge where farmland meets the bush line. Kyle tells me bucks are still holding onto their horns and hopes this weekend he finds a few more sheds, so far it’s been slow finding any. I also got a picture from a friend of a giant old shed he found along a fence line last week, it’s a crazy looking shed but it’s mass is phenomenal. It’s mass like this that makes hunters dream of hunting the North.

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Your eyes of the North.
Trent DeBusschere