February 25, 2015 – New Trails search continues for the northern giant

The days are longer and the sun has quite a bit more heat to it, a sure sign that spring is near.  Received some good news lately from my snow birds Dave and Barry; they are returning for another season of guiding!!!  Chaparral is glad to have them returning along with Arch and John.  These guys have forgot more about deer hunting than a lot of us will ever know.  They also make your stay very enjoyable. This past Monday I was back out cutting my way through cut-lines that haven’t been accessed in a decade or more.  It was totally exhausting but well worth it.  Every new area holds potential and there were good deer trails in the spruce and along large meadows.  Simply put these are great wintering areas and I can’t wait to get the cameras and baits rolling next summer.  Like many of our new stands we are getting further away from camp but leaving a little earlier in the morning will all be forgotten when a true northern giant hits the ground. I was able to get fairly close to deer Monday but my I phone is limited in its picture quality.  I will post a few pics of Monday’s travels.

deer seen at Chaparral's allocation skidooing the trails at Chaparral deer seen at Chaparral Hunting allocation

Chaparral still has a few spots to fill for the 2015 season so give me a shout at 780-872-0137 for available dates.

Your eyes of the north,

Trent DeBusschere