How do you hunt?

Almost all of hunting is done via stands consisting of pop-up ground blinds that serve a dual purpose of hiding hunter’s movement and masking scent but also provide protection from the elements. We have stands that are large enough to accommodate hunters wanting to hunt in pairs. 

Success Rates – Actual /Opportunity?

Our actual harvest rate runs about 90% with the few hunters not tagging either missing or holding out for very top end bucks passing on numerous opportunities during the week.

What is the Average Size – Expectations – BC score and weight?

Our harvested bucks average in the 140’s to 150’s B&C with live weights averaging 275lbs. We harvest deer grossing from 160” to 180″ every year with our best deer to date a 194” gross B&C monster. Our heaviest deer have pushed 350lbs live weight.

What is an average hunting day like?

A typical day starts well before light with a 15-45 minute drive to stands via trucks and 4-wheelers after a hearty breakfast. We typically try to have hunters stay in stand all day as deer movement is equally spread throughout the day. Days are short at this time of year with daylight lasting about 9 hours. Hunters are picked up shortly after sunset and return to the lodge for a hot shower, fantastic dinner and lots of stories.

How many deer will I see on an average day?

On a typical day hunters will see 8-10 different bucks. Slow days will produce 4-6 different bucks and our hunters have reported seeing more than a dozen different bucks on many occasions. You will see bucks when hunting with us.

How do you stay warm on stand?

Our stands are enclosed providing protection from the elements. We provide a list of recommended gear to bring and with today’s high tech layering systems and footwear we typically do not have an issue keeping hunters comfortable. We also have small propane heaters that hunters may take with them if desired.

Where is camp located and how do I get there – airlines, car, hotel, etc.

Our camp is located 120 miles Northwest of Saskatoon, SK. We provide transportation from the Saskatoon Inn to camp and back. There are several major airlines servicing Saskatoon.  Our hunters tell us to avoid Toronto airport and fly through Minneapolis when possible.  When booking at the Saskatoon Inn mention that you are hunting with Chaparral Hunting Adventures to receive our corporate rate of $149+ taxes included 1 complimentary breakfast coupon.

Do I need a gun permit? Customs?

You will need to register your gun at customs for a cost of $25.00 Canadian. We will provide you with information on this process. We have never had a problem getting through customs. A link to this form is available here if needed:Non-resident Firearm Declaration Form

How do I get a license? Are licenses guaranteed?

Licenses are guaranteed as we are allocated a certain number of tags by the government assuring you will not be at the mercy of a draw system. We will have your license waiting for you when you arrive at camp. Current cost of license is $350.00.

Is the hunt suitable for parent/child or husband/wife combos?

Yes, this is an excellent hunt for parent/child and husband/wife. We have private accommodations and stands that are well suited for 2 hunters. With the amount of game and high success rates it is a great hunt to introduce or share and foster the hunting heritage we value so much.

What is the typical Shot? Recommended Calibers?

Our average shots are 50-150 yards, there are exceptions but 90% of the shots will be in that range. Because the deer are very large and heavy boned we recommend .270 to .300 win mags, however with the right shot placement, many deer have been with a .243. We do understand that junior hunters and some others may wish to shoot smaller calibers due to recoil. It is more important that you are familiar with and can shoot the weapon you bring.  For more information on this topic see Rifles, Optics, Ammunition and You!

What if I harvest in the morning while on stand?

Communication is by cell phones  throughout our hunting area and you and your guide can stay in touch throughout the day.  When you have taken your buck, you can call the guide and they will come get you and retrieve your game.

What can I do if I fill early in the week?

Hunters who have filled early in the week have several options; they can continue to be placed on stand to photograph and scout, assist the guides, hang out and relax in camp or those who want to depart early may schedule a separate trip to Saskatoon for $300.00 which may be shared by multiple hunters if there are several hunters wanting to make the trip.

What is your policy on Alcohol?

We do allow alcohol in camp after hunting hours in moderation. We understand and enjoy a drink or two to cap off a great day in the field. We do ask that hunters not abuse alcohol while in camp.

Do you have internet available? Cell phone reception?

Yes – unfortunately or fortunately depending on your take we do have both available in the lodge.

What do I do with the meat? Processing? Shipping? Horns?

Guides will dress, skin and cape your trophy – included in your hunt cost. If you are taking your venison with you, your guide will process your deer for you.  Hunters typically box and freeze capes and horns and take with them on the airline. If you are not taking your deer with you, all deer meat is donated to local residents and food banks – none is wasted!  We also have a big bar-b-q Friday night which is a hit with the hunters.


We have an arragement with an excellent local taxidermist who will mount, crate and ship your trophy to you within 6 months of the close of hunting season.  If you wish to take your antlers and cape with you, your guide will prepare the antlers and freeze the cape for you.  The cost of taxidermy is not included in your hunt.

What do you recommend I bring?

A complete list of recommended things to bring is listed in this attached link.  Clink on this link to open:Recommended items for hunting trip