December 6, 2017 – 2017 Hunting Season (Update #6)

The season came to an end for me on Monday as my hunter shot a good buck early and was able to leave camp several days sooner then scheduled.
This year proved to be a much tougher hunt then anticipated. I have been on the phone with several other outfitters and most feel a large dump of snow in April put stress on the Bucks and antler growth took a hit.
All in all we shot some good bucks and our deer herd in general has increased in deer numbers. The mature bucks seemed to travel a lot and pinning them down was more of a challenge for us. The last couple weeks brought deer back to the baits in a more consistent manner and we killed better bucks.
As always I want to thank my staff for their hard work and devotion as this makes the camp run as smoothly as possible.
Looking ahead to next years season shows great promise as so far the winter has been very good to our deer herd. Also the harvest of the mature bucks was down, so they should be bigger for next fall. Our bookings are moving along well for 2018 and hopefully this trend carries on.
I will close with a heart felt thanks to all the hunters who passed through our doors this fall. Thanks for your business and friendship. It’s always fun having the camp busy and swapping stories around the wood stove in the shop.
Lastly I will post a few more pics of the Bucks taken.
Thanks again to all who were apart of our Chaparral family this season, Trent DeBusschere.

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