December 23, 2015 Merry Christmas!

 Merry Christmas to all from Turtle Lake, Saskatchewan. It’s the time of year to be with family and friends enjoying the Holiday Season. Yesterday myself, brother and nephew were out in the woods checking on a few new bait sites and looking for potential new spots. I get asked many times if I miss hunting and to me this searching for the next great deer stand is almost as fun. One nice thing is that I can look for deer all year long and share my photos, maybe I am just getting soft as I get older but I do enjoy scouting for deer. Not all spots work out and that’s the thrill of finding good trail cam pics. One hunter who had tagged out accompanied me and commented ,”that he couldn’t believe the work that goes into finding and keeping all the baits and blinds ready to go.”



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John is busy helping us with predator control and it is vital too any successful camp to keep predators in check, and as a professional trapper it brings in some added revenue.
There is still only light snow on the ground and it’s been a very mild start to the winter so things are looking great for next year. I will leave you with a few pictures from some of our goings on yesterday at Chaparral.

Your eyes of the North

Trent DeBusschere