December 16, 2014 – Winter feeding

The winter is moving along with great temperatures and little snow, last weeks thaw exposed grass on hillsides and along south facing cut lines and clear cuts. Our long term forecast is very mild with temperatures hovering around freezing, this is great news!!! Chaparral is doing what we legally can to build up fat reserves on our herd, we have a large winter feeding plan that will help push the deer through winter in good shape, I believe it’s money well spent.  I am glad to hear from our friends in Texas who have committed a large group for week 4, thanks fellows and we look forward to having you back with us. Chaparral is still expanding on it’s hunting area with Johnny, Kyle and myself and this Xmas break I hope to add several new stand locations on our eastern border that will be available for the 2015 season. I will end the blog with a mix of pictures, some are related to our winter feeding program, some are recent trail cam pictures.

Saskatchewan Outfitter Saskatchewan Outfitter Sasktchewan OutfitterWhitetail deer northern SaskatchewanWhitetail deer Turtlelake Saskatchewan

If your interested in hunting with us next fall give me a call at 780-872-0137.

Your eyes of the north

Trent Debusschere