December 10, 2014 – Double digit bucks

The deer hunters are gone and I have more good pictures of bucks to post. I would like to thank all my guides and staff from this past season, you guys are simply the best!!  To all our hunters from this fall I just want to say thanks for letting us be a part of your deer hunting adventure, it was a fun time and I met a lot of good people. The hunters are gone and the lodge is quiet but we are still busy baiting about 40 stands and will continue until the end of December. Our winter feeding program will continue throughout the winter where legally we can do so.  The great news is we are sitting a few degrees above freezing for the bulk of this week!!  This winter has already been 2 easy months for the deer as compared with our last two winters that started harsh at the end of October, along with the extra feeding and low hunter numbers for this fall I believe we are in line for a great 2015 season. A quick recap seen mild and rainy weather for the first week, hunting was tough but many stands had double digit bucks hanging around, then later in the season the big boys started showing up and our last 3 weeks of hunting produced 150- 160 ish bucks. There were a lot of stories and events this season I found gratifying but the one incident that sticks with me is about a hunter from Texas that told everyone around the supper table that night that he has hunted all over the world and that day in the stand was probably one of the best days of hunting he had experienced in his lifetime!!  He had seen 25-30 different bucks that day and numerous were good bucks but one was a dandy but it was chasing a doe and he never got the shot, he did shoot a great buck the next day. We heard several stories of hunters seeing 20 different bucks at new stands and feel the future for Chaparral is bright. A friend of mine who has guided most of his life told me that a good camp will book itself, Chaparral must be doing things right as the camp is booking up quickly already, hunters like our hospitality and commitment to overall deer management. We are going to continue working hard for next season, I will attach more great buck pictures.

2014 Successful hunter 2014 Successful hunter 2014 Successful hunter

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Trent Debusschere