August 27, 2014 – Mosquitos are winning

Last week I mentioned a few questions and concerns hunters had and I forgot one topic I wanted to clear the air on. If my trail cam pictures have crazy dates on them it’s not that they are old pictures, the truth is when I change batteries on cameras in the field I simply turn the camera back on and make sure it’s running and I don’t worry about proper dates or times because the Mosquitos are usually eating me alive!! The quicker I can get back on my quad and get moving the better. This week I would also like to talk about setting realistic goals for your hunt. I was watching the Outdoor Channel the other night and one of the biggest names in the guiding business was talking about realistic goals for his hunters that come to northern Saskatchewan. It was interesting because TV does paint a picture of large bucks behind every tree but the reality is those large deer are tough to find and on this particular hunt the large deer was harvested after 13 days of sitting at the same spot!! Not many of us have that number of days to put into a hunt, of course some good bucks are taken without such extremes but TV programs can make it seem real simple. Now getting back to what the outfitter felt was a quality buck( free range deer) for his area was 140 inch B+C. Another article I read on line suggested that camps that shot deer in the mid 130 ‘s to 140’s and larger were deemed good camps. Chaparral’s area will give every hunter a chance at such a buck and there will also be many higher scoring bucks taken. We now have around 12 cameras snapping pictures, unfortunately I deleted a bunch of pictures this week accidentally, but I still have a few pics for your viewing.

tram cam pics at Chaparral hunting adventurestrail cam pics at Chaparral Hunting adventurestrail cam pics at Chaparral Hunting Adventurestrail cam pics at Chaparral Hunting Adventures


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