August 23, 2016 Summer at Chaparral

For the most part the camp is ready to go as this year has been very slow in the welding field with the price of oil down. On the good news side this has given me more days at camp and out in the bush. Sadly Anita is moving on to help out with her husband’s health issues. Chaparral would like to thank Anita for all her help over the years and wish her husband well. Luckily I have a cousin that lives at Turtle Lake and has agreed to give us a hand this fall, along with being a great person Marion is also a retired nurse.

Like a lot of weekends I am at the lake moving cameras and making a plan for the upcoming fall, I got the new Yamaha ready and took it on the trails. Lately it seems like every cloud has to rain at the lake and I have an attempted selfie of me taking cover under a spruce tree. In the background you can see the newest quad. My girls are right and that I truly have a face for radio!! The sun did come out during the weekend and I will throw a few pictures of us out on the lake pulling Chelsea and some friends around on the tube.
In September I will be contacting all my hunters just to make sure everyone is ready for the exciting hunt. The deer look awesome and once again patience is a must. Two years in a row Bryon has taken 160″ bucks and last year it was the last day if I remember correctly. Yes some luck is needed but knowing what you want and to hold out for that buck is key. Maybe there will be years Bryon goes home with nothing but his strategy is paying off with some great mounts.

I will leave you a few pics from the happenings at Turtle Lake.

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Your eyes of the North,

Trent DeBusschere