August 20, 2014 – Common questions answered

The summer is winding down and the hunting season is fast approaching. I get a few questions throughout the off season and I will take a moment to try and answer them as best I can. Maybe other hunters have same concerns but have not voiced them as yet. It may be a little repetitious for those who follow along but here goes: 1. Heaters are provided at no extra cost to those hunters whom would like one. 2. Any rifle you can shoot confidently and accurately from 50 yards to 100 yards is a good choice, but let’s keep in mind the 25-06 is probably as light a caliber as I would like to see brought up. 3. We will be using new stand locations to maximize our full areas potential. 4. In our area 2nd cut alfalfa and oats work very well for deer feed and it is also easier on their digestive system to be weaned off of come December. 5. Unfortunately the GST tax must be collected, it creates more headache for me as I collect it and remit the money to the Saskatchewan government, this just adds to my bookkeeping costs but the law is the law. 6. Hunts occur strictly over baits in our heavily forested area with hunters in ground blinds or elevated tree stands. 7. Finally, I personally have only seen one Sasquatch while hunting in Chaparral’s area ( ok that was just to lighten things up and completely BS). One thing is for certain we look forward to having all our guests and will treat everybody in the same manner as we would like to be treated on a hunt of a lifetime. As usual Kyle and I were back out checking trail cameras and I will attach some photos.

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