August 12, 2015 – Patience Please

Hard to believe how quickly summer is moving along. All the guides and myself were busy clearing trails and preparing sites for this fall. The forest is quite a bit dryer than the last few summers and when your not fighting with mud along your route the day goes a lot easier.

I am asked all the time by hunters, “what should I bring?” and this season I highly recommend everyone to bring patience!! We are seeing great bucks and with a bit of homework on field scoring and patience to shoot a true northern trophy your hunt will be fantastic. Like Barry says, “when you stop shooting the small deer you will start shooting the big deer.”
Checking trail cameras is one of the things I really enjoy about guiding and this past weekend produced some great pics that I will add for your viewing.

trail cam pics of Northern Saskatchewan whitetail deer trail cam pic of Northern whitetail deer in Saskatchewan trail cam pic of Nothern Saskatchewan whitetail deer trail cam pic of northern Saskatchewan whitetail deer

Your eyes of the North.
Trent DeBusschere